Chapped skin is miserable!  And while there are so many over the counter lotions and treatments to choose from, they are filled with artificial ingredients and questionable chemicals that can often do more harm than good.  In this blog post, we are going to look at some all natural essential oil treatments for chapped skin.

The Need for a Carrier Oil

If you are going to use essential oils on your skin, it is very wise to use a carrier oil even if the essential oil itself doesn’t need to be diluted.  There are a couple reasons for this, including the fact that the use of vegetable oil will slow down how quickly the essential oil evaporates from your skin.  This allows the essential oil to have more time to fully penetrate your skin.

Another reason to use a vegetable-based carrier oil is because it will help maintain the lipid barrier of the skin.  Most dry, chapped skin can be traced back to the loss of the protective lipid layer on your skin.  The carrier oils work in synergy with the essential oils to restore the proper moisture balance of your skin.

Essential Oil Singles

There are many single oils recommended for the treatment of dry or chapped skin.  For starters, there is Lavender, a gentle, calming, pleasantly scented essential oil often referred to as nature’s first aid kit.  Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood is another option, with its wonderful scent and skin revitalization properties.

There is also the woodsy-scented Cedarwood, which works well for both skin and hair.  Roman Chamomile is well known for its soothing effects on the mind, but it also has a soothing effect on dry, cracked, damaged skin.  Palmarosa aids in the regulation of naturally occurring skin oils and helps deal directly with the causes of dry skin.

Myrrh is ancient oil whose history of use for skin, health, and beauty extends through the centuries.  Geranium is yet another option, and has been used for centuries to regenerate and heal skin.  Neroli is another ancient oil that has been in use since the time of the Egyptians and works very well for promoting normal, healthy skin.


As already mentioned, you can apply these oils neat or blended with a carrier oil.  V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex and avocado oil both make very good natural lotion bases for using these single oils.  For chapped lips, you can dry mixing a few drops of Roman Chamomile with a few drops of Geranium, then combining them with about teaspoons of aloe vera gel.


You don’t have to resort to expensive lotions filled with questionable chemicals and artificial fragrances.  By combining one or two essential oils with a vegetable-based oil, you can make your own 100% natural and quite effective treatment for chapped skin.