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Hints and Tips: Enrollment Training Video

To many people, the process of signing up to be a Young Living distributor can look rather complicated.  We can’t enroll people under us if they decide that signing up is too much trouble or too complicated, so the good folks at Young Living have provided both a video and a PDF document that outlines the steps and makes it easier to navigate.  You can find the embed code, as well as the PDF document, in your Young Living virtual office under Member Resources … Virtual Office Training.  It will be at the bottom under the heading Resource Categories.

If you aren’t tech savvy enough to want to mess with embed codes, you can copy and paste this link into your social media:

The link takes you to the video on Vimeo.  Facebook will embed the video in a post for your so your visitors can have easy access to play the video.  Twitter will leave it as a link that visitors can click on, taking you directly to the video.